about me

Mary Munnik is a photographer, writer and journalist from The Netherlands. 

Her first exhibition ‘Hidden Souls’ showed the spirituality of the Japanese.  Pictures from the headhunters of Borneo were showcased in museums in the Netherlanders and Germany. For ‘The Challenge of Peace’ Mary travelled in 2005 to Afghanistan to record the reconstruction of the country after the ouster of the extremist Taliban. Currently she is working on a photo series called ‘Following the Buddha,’ which took her to Myanmar, Thailand Cambodia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India. 

Over the years, she has contributed articles and opinion pieces to national and international media outlets in particular related to Afghanistan. 

Following a university studies at Delft University in The Netherlands, Mary studied Japanese. She worked for ten years in international business for multinational corporations. In Afghanistan she established a consultancy for Afghan entrepreneurs and start-ups which she continues to this day.

Having lived in Japan, Malaysia, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka, Mary is currently based on the island of Texel in The Netherlands.  

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